An idea validation company based in Australia.

About The Project

11point2 came to Mora Digital for a “simple” yet exciting website. With a lot of information to showcase on a single page, as well as the inclusion of special effects that create more a modern look for the site, Mora Digital was up for the challenge. We didn’t want to overcomplicate it and it needed to be important for the user to easily navigate as well. Lots of information in a small space can be overwhelming but using modern practices to create fullscreen sections seemed like the best way to go.

11point2 Showcase Home page and phone

What's inside?

  • Responsive Design
  • Hosted on WordPress Optimised Servers
  • Interactive Particle Effects
  • Jump-to sections
  • User-friendly Touch Carousel
11point2 Contact Page on Laptop Screen

The Result

When opening the home page, you're greeted with an interactive particle effect that resembles 11point2's mission of connecting valuble companies with amazing ideas. Having the desired information put into carousels in each section proved to be the best way to get that information across to the user. The background images changing with each slide helped to bring that little bit extra to the table. The site also has a nice right side navigation that tells the user where they are. A similar particle effect is used for the contact section at the bottom of the page.

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11point2 Carousel Example